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During my tenure at Lahey, I worked both independently and with advertising agencies to develop spot ads and comprehensive advertising campaigns. Subsequently, as a freelancer I wrote, photographed and designed ads for Dedham Medical Associates, a large physician practice in the Boston area.

Notable among recent work but not represented here is copy for radio and print ads (and direct mail pieces) written for the Emergency and Maternity services at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center in Virginia.

One thing about developing ads: At some point during the design process your agency will make a deal about showing you a proposed ad positioned, by itself, on an easel in the front of the room. You'll fall in love with its delicate beautysure to win awards for its artistry.

You shouldn't worry about the artists' winning awards; you should worry about whether that delicate beauty is going to stand out on a page full of news stories and other ads. There's a good chance it won't.

My ads are never going to win awards but they're designed to be visible on the page, draw the reader's attention and communicate a strong message.

Here are some ads I did with that in mind for DMA:

(Adobe Acrobat Reader required; for free download click here.)

Dedham Medical Associates Allergy Service Ad (Wrote, photographed and designed).

Dedham Medical Associates Pediatrics Service Ad (Wrote, photographed and designed).

Dedham Medical Associates Rheumatology Service Ad (Wrote, photographed and designed).

Over the course of 21 years at Lahey Clinic I planned, wrote and produced many ads and advertising campaigns, working both independently and with agencies.

As we expanded to a network and merged and “de-merged” with another institution, the challenge was to present new (but consistent) brand identity. In some cases it was to promote specialty services, such as cancer care and cosmetic surgery. When it came to Lahey’s network of physician practices, the approach was to develop designs that could be individualized for each while maintaining a consistent institutional identity.

These Lahey-related ads, involving work done both with and without agencies, represent differing branding phases, reflected our short-lived merger with another institution.

Lahey Hitchcock Clinic Breast Cancer Ad (With agency).

Lahey Hitchcock Clinic Branding Ad (With agency).

Lahey Clinic Community Practice Ad (Sample of a series for multiple community newspapers; wrote, shot and designed).

Lahey Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Ad (For Boston Magazine; I wrote and designed).