Corporate Marketing


Image from a flyer for an Open House event celebrating local artists in San Antonio, TX. 

My major client in Houston has been David Weekley Homes, the national home builder. It’s different from what I usually do, but they’re nice and it’s a great place to work.

I essentially serve as the Junior Assistant Temp Copywriter; when they have a temporary staff shortage, I fill in, usually on-site in their Houston-based marketing department, often for several months at a time.

With residential developments in some two-dozen regions, from Atlanta to Portland, the process involves working with graphic artists to create ads, flyers, postcards, “e-blasts” (emailed marketing messages sent to lists of prospects) and web content to support marketing coordinators in each area. Often, this involves creating text messages for established, formatted concepts.

From a writing point of view, the challenge is in creating a persuasive message in a minimum number of words in a small space. Since the design is key, above all, it’s a team effort.

Here are several examples of collateral I worked on:  

San Antonio: Open House Flyer  This flyer actually won an award for creativity. I wrote the text but I feel confident in saying it was because of the great design by my colleague, graphic artist Kate Zurawski.

Actually, the same thing is true of all the samples. I wrote copy to describe new communities, but the graphic artists made them work.

Colorado Springs:  Wolfe Ranch & Flying Horse “E-Blast” 

Phoenix:  Golf Canyon at Estrella Ad

Dallas:  Parkside at Trinity Flyer

Houston:  Town Lake Postcard 

Charleston:  Paired Homes “E-Blast”