Web Content

I’ve written both educational and informational/marketing web content, and am well-versed in the concept of writing in “chunks” for easy on-screen reading and navigation.

For Portsmouth Regional Hosital and Parkland Medical Center in New Hampshire in the 2000’s, I’ve written websites for specialties as diverse as Heart and Vascular Care, Interventional Radiology and Neuroscience and Stroke Services.

Of course, website content changes over time through inevitable updating. I still recognize elements of my language in some sites (“Expert Surgeons, Leading-Edge Medicine,” in Urology). Here are links to two that still seem built off my original content:

For Appledore Medical Group, a large physician practice in southern New Hampshire, I provided content for their newly reorganized and rebranded medical group. I still recognize my language in their site.

For Connecticut Surgical Group, a large physician practice in Hartford, CT, I created an extensive patient-education library, covering some three dozen topics reflecting the group’s specialty services. CSG has since merged with a larger practice, changing its name and, again, website. Here are three samples from the original CSG series:

And, of course, working in WordPress, I continue to write and administer content for my marine life online magazine, Poseidon’s Web – Explain the Reef!