Poseidon’s Web — Explain the Reef!

As a science writer, sometimes photographer and long-time diver, I’m privileged to be able to write and publish Poseidon’s Web, an online magazine on marine life that is a site for both original features on all things reef and links to trending news, research and events.

I’ve been diving for more than 20 years, in the Caribbean and Bahamas, on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Philippines and Galapagos. Im a competent diver but not a great technical one — I don’t do super-deep dives, penetrate wrecks or explore underwater caverns. Actually, I’m a mechanical klutz.

Peacock flounder, photographed at Bonaire.

But I’m drawn underwater by the life I find there, from big sharks to tiny blennies. Actually, I probably like bennies more.

As a science writer, my instinct is to try to understand how things are and how they got that way.

As I see it, the earliest life on our planet evolved in the oceans and much of that evolution is still represented there — from sea jellies and sponges to boney fishes and dolphins.

In that sense, it’s like being a sightseer on the roadway of life!

I encourage you to visit Poseidon’s Web, and I welcome feedback.