(Note: It’s an action photo; it’s supposed to be blurry).

Over the course of 21 years at Lahey Clinic I planned, wrote and produced many marketing projects and collateral pieces, working both independently and with advertising and marketing agencies.

As a freelancer, I continued doing so for my clients, including the Quality Report at left for Parkland Medical Center in Durham, NH.

Often, the approach was to develop designs that could be individualized for a broad spectrum of services and departments while maintaining a consistent institutional identity.

Insofar as is appropriate, I seek to communicate a warm tone and to emphasize people in text and images – I strongly believe that readers respond more positively when they see a person and read or hear his or her words and feel a connection to the human beings who could provide their services.

Additionally, in an online age, magazines and brochures may seem passé, but an important issue is tangibility – people feel more comfortable vis-á-vis an organization with something they can hold in their hand.

As a freelancer, these days I primarily do copywriting that is then utilized by the client’s designer. At Lahey I often designed brochures and did photography, and I can provide these services for clients when appropriate. “Fact sheets,” which I wrote and designed for Dedham Medical Associates, is an inexpensive but professional-looking piece for conveying information to patients.

I’ve worked on a large assortment of brochures, booklets and direct mail pieces for clients like Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire and Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center in Virginia. Here are some samples. :

(Adobe Acrobat Reader required; for free download click here.)